What Allére as a service can do for you

We offer strategic services to consolidate your internal operations and provide you with the tools to fulfill your business potential
Reduce Risk

  • Reduce lost opportunity costs

  • Reduce complexity for true agility

  • High service availability

protect brand

  • Easily address spikes/declines in business requirements

  • Integrate XaaS services into other preexisting infrastructure

Reduce Cost

  • Avoid cost of infrastructure, human resources, and training

  • Usage aligned with actual business needs

increase profit

  • Shift between capital expenditure and operating expense

  • Innovate faster

  • Maximize efficiency

Make implementation faster than ever

Proactively target actionable insights, pinpoint disruptions, and streamline processes


This natural evolution in service is redefining the business standard to build empowering, collaborative partnerships in the modern era. Our team of dedicated, cross-industry executives continue to lead Allére toward bright horizons by embodying our core values of
Passion, Results, People, Integrity, Humility, and Excellence.
Nicole B. Comer
Nicole B. Comer
Founder and CEO
As Founder and CEO of CE-Solutions, Nicole fosters a personal philosophy that has become synonymous with the company’s vision — to add value by enhancing people’s success. Nicole is a powerful business trailblazer whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried CE-Solutions through rapid and continuous growth. With an unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations, she does not just set ambitious goals — she motivates people to deliver.
Marc Comer
Marc Comer
Chief Operating Officer
A pragmatic leader and visionary, Marc constantly challenges new ideas for business excellence, expansion, and progress. His dedication to CE-Solutions has contributed to an outstanding 100% year-over-year revenue growth, increased scale of operations, expansion of the company’s footprint into new markets, and the integration of new service specialties. This compelling foresight and ingenuity that has served CE-Solutions for 14 years is the foundation on which Allére was built.
Bob Bobst
Bob Bobst
Governance, Risk, and Compliance
A financial expert known for his leadership and integrity, Bob brings over 20 years of experience in governance, risk, and compliance to the Allére XaaS team. Throughout his career, he has earned recognition for his ability to build new functions, strong team environments, and a reputation as a key resource for technical risk/control advice to core business managers and board committees. Certified Internal Auditor; Certification in Risk Management Assurance; Certified Fraud Examiner.

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